friday, august 13, 2010 aka MY BIRTHDAY!!

The day started out well cause I took the day off, but it quickly took a down turn because of some turmoil regarding what car we were going to take camping. Just as I started thinking that friday the 13th was cursing my birthday, we biked by a vintage car shop on 5th and saw this beauty. Upon explaining to the mechanics that:
1. seafoam is my favourite colour
2. that it's my birthday
3. that our ride fell through for the awesome birthday adventure we had planned, and
4. that I was maybe going to cry
they graciously offered to lend us the car for the weekend!! What nice guys.

(actually, they didn't so much lend us the car as just let me take pictures with it. Instead Andrew saved the day with his truck... Regardless, the day was saved!)

Happy Birthday to me!

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